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Alien 3 (Game Gear)

Alien 3 (Game Gear)

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Alien 3 for GameBoy! In space, no one hears you screaming the third time!


Merciless Survival Action
Meet all the characters in the movie
Search for powerful weapons
Find the Alien Queen!
More fear doesn't work on the GameBoy

In Alien 3 for GameBoy you play Ripley, the only survivor of the crash on Fury 161. Hicks... dead, Newt... dead, Bishop... Irreparably. Somewhere in the underground corridors on the planet lurks the Queen of Aliens. You know you have to end this nightmare! Destroy the aliens where you find them! With your phase-controlled plasma rifle and flamethrower, you're almost unbeatable for the GameBoy in Alien 3. You must complete your mission before the Company landing squads reach the planet. You must not fail...

Acid-prisling action in a handy format! Alien 3 for The GameBoy.

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