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Atari 2600

Crystal castles (Atari 2600)

Crystal castles (Atari 2600)

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Crystal Castles # Silver Label for Atari 2600 - A beary adventure!


  • Help 'Bentley Bear to escape from the evil witch
  • Embark on a thrilling adventure full of danger
  • Collect all the gems, but never let them grab

Bentley Bear trapped in the crystal palace, home of Berthilda the witch and her evil cronies. To escape, you need to Crystal Castles 2600 for Atari collecting gems in every castle, avoiding the deadly touch of the castle inhabitants. Watch the magic hat. As long as you wear it, Bentley is invincible. But beware! If Bentley is not careful, the evil creatures will turn him into bear stew! Go on an incredible adventure in Crystal Castles for Atari 2600 !

The evil witch in Crystal Escape Castles # Silver Label for Atari 2600!

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