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Xbox 360

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 The Adventure Continues (Xbox 360)

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 The Adventure Continues (Xbox 360)

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Since not only Indy fans will be amazed building blocks: LEGO
Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure brings the second
creative LEGO Universe and the spectacular time
together adventures of the popular archaeologists. In
unique and funny way, the game tells the
story of all previous Indy movies including first
and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the
Crystal Skull.

Players accompany the smart research through dense
jungle, Peruvian ruins, the streets of Shanghai and
many other extraordinary locations. Here plunge
them deeper than ever before into the game, as Stein
for stone they can for the first time their own levels
tinker and combine with those from the game. So build,
puzzle and the players are fighting not only for their
favorite scenes from the movies, but themselves created
whole new adventure.


- For the first time in a LEGO video game can
players themselves determine the adventure by using their
build your own levels and share them with other gamers

- Completely new characters from the Kingdom of the
Crystal Skull as Mutt Williams (and his bike)
or Harold Oxley with individual special abilities.

- The first three episodes are new innovative way
told with brand new levels and changing

- After the story mode, free play version lures with
modified gameplay.

- Indy has learned new moves: he can
catch an opponent with the whip and, for example,
then launch into a shoulder roll.

- To go safely through all the new levels, using
Indy a variety of new vehicles on water, on land
and in the air.

- The famous whip can be even more varied
use and to interact with LEGO objects to
solve puzzles and of course used to fight.

- let Countless LEGO objects such as bottles and chairs
use as weapons.

- Playing in numerous artifacts are hidden by the
more than 60 characters unlocked in the game
can be.

- In two-player mode, the second participant can
join at any time into the game. So parents are
encouraged with their children spontaneously Indy
to experience timeless adventures in a fun way.
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