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Playstation 1

No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking (Playstation)

No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking (Playstation)

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Forget your fears. Your skills, your balance and your nerves are put to the test. Race in the Kamikaze style towards the valley. Shred hard along the abyss. You are on your own, against nature and your opponents. You have to do it. There can only be one winner! And always remember: "Whoever brakes loses!" FEATURES: - 25 routes and 11 international locations - 8 game characters - 6 different game modes - Ride against a friend or against up to 16 computer opponents ... | TRENNER | In this unrestrained bike event, pedal power and graphic power meet. It's not just some new racing simulation; no, this game manages to capture the feeling and the daring atmosphere of mountain bike races. Hammering guitar sounds and wildly jumping graphics on the menu screens ensure that you are in the right mood for the following adrenaline rushes. As soon as you have plunged down the slope, you are in the middle of a rough high-speed race full of high jumps and different ground conditions. From river valleys to steep city streets is inNo Fear Downhill Mountain Biking represented every challenge. Even if the graphics could be a little crisper, the pace is undeniable. And if the player also switches to the camera perspective behind the handlebar, he will experience what it means to cross the thin line between fear and self-confidence.

Six drivers are available, each with their own individual characteristics and skills. If you defeat three different opponents per route, you can re-equip your bike, for example with a lighter frame or better tires. If the pedal button is pressed for a long time, the values ​​on the force display decrease. The player thus learns to let the wheel roll downhill in order to keep enough power in the pedals for flat or steep routes. This strategy, combined with the frenzy of racing, make No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking an exciting experience. - Jeff Young


  • Cool riders, everyone equipped with the latest in terms of outfit and bike
  • Precise control
  • Different levels do not cause boredom
  • Blurry graphics make it difficult to see changes on the track
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