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Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc (GameCube)

Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc (GameCube)

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Rayman 3 for GameCube - the sympathetic hero wielding hero Rayman is back!

Discover the latest Rayman in Rayman 3 for GameCube ! Better look: super funny and fully animated (more than 200 animations)! NEW: 5 super powers with associated costumes and gimicks. From the pulverizer fist to the iron gripper. The return of the iron fist: Rayman can now fling both fists individually and ... even hand out kicks! Immerse yourself in a crazy country full of magic and beauty. Fantastic worlds with a unique character: the toad swamp, the land of walking souls, the desert of the Knaaren ...

Rayman 3 for GameCube - a collection of creatures without equal!

From the hoodlums to the knaaren, from unimaginably small to unimaginably large, everything is represented. Endless joke Fully crazy opponents, cartoon characters, an absolutely crazy story, a crazy gameplay (the street of psychedelic music ...), crazy sounds ... Action and adventure nonstop 19 types of intelligent opponents give Rayman 3 for GameCube the right seasoning.


  • Alternating fight scenes
  • Vertigo platforming sequences (3D impression)
  • Action scenes and special gameplay sequences
  • Packed with specials Discover
  • Numerous mini-games, hidden videos and exciting secrets

Experience iconic Jump'n'Run fun with Rayman 3 for GameCube!

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