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Super Nintendo

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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System / SNES is back!

As the successor to the Famicom and the NES console, Nintendo finally launched in Japan in November 1990, and the console also appeared in Germany two years later. It was in direct competition with the Mega Drive from Sega and was soon able to maintain the good reputation of its predecessor despite the criticism of the main processor. In total, the SNES was manufactured worldwide until 1998 and around 49 million times were sold.

The SNES isn't old - it's retro!

There was more speculation about the hardware of the SNES than any other console. For example, there were negotiations with Sony regarding a CD ROM drive that could have been placed on the console. For financial reasons, however, it was decided against this idea. A few years later, the so-called Satellaview was developed in Japan. This device could be mounted on the SNES and connected to a satellite dish. This made it possible to enjoy the television programs broadcast by Nintendo with the help of this small entertainment medium. So the SNES was much more than just a console for playing the SNES games within Japan. In addition to the possibility of fighting your way through the virtual jungle of emulators, you can play one or the other of the SNES games on a good old SNES in the tried and tested manner .

Experience the most popular SNES games today

The most popular to date is still Super Mario World. As in all previous versions, you can free the lovely princess Peach from the clutches of evil in the role of Italian-American Mario or compete in exciting races in Super Mario Kart. In addition to the popular plumber, there are also other characters who will become an indispensable part of the later Nintendo video games. Her SNES worlds are for example Donkey Cong Country, Yoshis Island and the meeting of everyone in Super Mario Allstars. In addition to these classics of the SNES games , well-known game series such as The Legend of Zelda and Metroid can be found in newer editions in the box of the SNES gamesagain. If you are in the mood for blatant races at exceptional speed and dangerous maneuvers, Street Fighter for the SNES console is your favorite.